Protecting Our Planet

We believe we can all take small steps to combat climate change and protect the world. It's up to us to change our lifestyles to help biodiversity flourish today and for the next generation. 

At Roll & Roll we're committed to playing our part in ensuring a sustainable future by:

Protecting Rainforests

For every item you but from us we're committed to donating $1 to protecting our rainforests. We'll be giving to CoolEarth, who are preserving our rainforests by supporting the people who live in them.

Using Zero Plastic

The only way to turn the tide of plastic pollution is to stop the waste from entering our waterways, oceans and rivers. We're committed to only using naturally biodegradable materials for all of our merch.

Sustainable Packaging

Our paper packaging is 100% recycled content. It's made up of 97% post-consumer waste making it curbside recyclable and naturally biodegradable.

100% Bamboo

Our premium sustainable joint holder is a reusable natural bamboo product, so it feels like a gift from Mother Earth, just like the joints you put in it.

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

All of our orders are completely carbon neutral with the help of our friends at Sendle. That means for every Roll & Roll package that arrives at your door, we neutralize the carbon output with a positive environmental impact.