Roll and Roll BK: Filter tips, Smoke Traps, and more

Roll and Roll BK: Filter tips, Smoke Traps, and more

By Alexander Leiva

Roll and Roll BK: Filter tips, Smoke Traps, and more

Roll and Roll BK: Filter tips, Smoke Traps, and more

It is widely known that the hemp plant has numerous applications and can help us in many ways. Alongside its therapeutic effects, it can also protect and nurture thriving ecosystems with its ability to decontaminate water and serve as a natural pesticide. 

But, as the use of marijuana continues to become friendlier when it comes to the law, there is also a growing demand for its responsible consumption. Although a lot of these responsibilities lie with growers of the hemp plant, there is still a lot you can do to become an eco-friendly stoner.

Contribute to a sustainable cannabis community with these five environmental-friendly products.


Filter Tips

Look for filter tips that are made from a blend of recycled materials and fibers that do not contain any harsh chemicals like chlorine and bleach. These tips are far easier to use as opposed to non-eco-friendly filters.

They are designed to provide a stable place to hold or smoke your joints. You can buy them in packs and they are also convenient enough to bring with you wherever you wind up.


Smoke Trap

A shot of fresher scent in the air is usually needed after smoking weed because of its lingering odor. Effectively get rid of the smell with a Smoke Trap personal air filter that is good for both indoor and outdoor use. This kind of product usually has an activated carbon filter and a mouthpiece where you can trap the smoke inside and eliminate the smell as well.


Raw Hemp Rolling Papers

Avoid consumption of disposable vape pens. Use organically-grown, chlorine-free hemp rolling papers instead.


Reusable Storage Bags

Use medical food grade stash bags instead. These bags are usually odor-proof, waterproof, and reusable.


Bamboo Doob Tube 

This sustainable Bamboo Doob Tube will fit perfectly in your pocket or purse that is easy to roll up and roll out. This bamboo joint holder is smell-proof and water-resistant too.


Help protect our nature by becoming a responsible, eco-friendly stoner.

Purchase a 100% bamboo, fully sustainable and renewable joint holder today at